The Best Selling Items On EBay

If you want to get some fool-proof, money-making ideas on what to sell on eBay, try eBay pulse, eBay trends, or a service called Auction Inspector. They will all tell you what selling the best today. Read on first though you may not want to sell what every one else is though. There are plenty of people on eBay who simply sell whatever it is they can buy cheap - one week it might be dog leads, the next it could be computer mice. What ever they find that sells well. בגדי עבודה These sellers do make money jumping from one product to another but they are not really building a business. They will not realize the benefits of being the go to guy for a particular group of buyers. I found that jumping from one product to the next is not the right way to build a business. If you focus on one particular niche, you'll understand your products better and write better listings. You'll get to know what your customers want, and provide the right items at the right price. When they come to see you as the expert in that market, and the trust and loyalty that comes with that, will mean plenty of repeat business. If you want to become a specialist and the go to guy in a particular market, I will show you the four steps to take when choosing a product. The secret is to get the right mix between that which is a hot seller and a product to bring repeat buyers. 1) Less competition - Some people think that the best way to find a profitable niche on eBay, is to find the most popular items, and then sell those. Sadly this is the worst thing you can do. If you jump in and try to compete with the big boys selling Ipads and Wii consoles you will lose out to the competition. There will be so many competitors you won't make a profit. The real big time power sellers have the capital and leverage to beat you out on price. מכונת קפה אספרסו If you are in a market where you struggle with a competitive price, it will be nearly imposable to establish yourself as a specialist or the go to guy. You won't find a profitable market that has no competitors, look for one with less competition when you are starting out. Look through eBay's categories and make a note of those that with fewer listings. It doesn't mean they will all be profitable (we'll look at that next) but it does mean it will be easier to establish yourself. Try and focus on categories and markets that interest you, or you know something about, as it will help you get started and make it more enjoyable. 2) Passionate buyers ready to spend - A market with less competition will be easier to get established in, but you need to make sure it has plenty of customers who are willing to spend money. The best customers are those who are passionate about something, or have a problem they want solving. These two things will make them get their credit cards out, if you have what they need. Collectors and hobbyist are passionate buyers. Needy buyers are those that have problems that need to be corrected, like mold on the roof of their house. You are looking for products that sell in both the buy-it now format and the regular auction format. These are profitable items. 3) Multiple linked products - You will need to determine the potential of the niche you are going to target. If the market you choose is limited to only one product, you will not be any better off than the seller who jump from product to product. ( What ever they find for cheap that day) The Idea here is to mind not only a profitable market, not just a hot seller. You need a product that has a lot of different items in it all linked with each other. That way you have an opportunity to sell multiple products to a buyer, when you sell one product a buyer will often buy other complimentary products. (Someone looking for artist brushes may need oil paint also) Sell multiple related products, know everything about them, ship fast; earn a reputation as the go to person in that market. This little bit of lateral thinking will pay off when you are considering what niche to go into. 4) Reliable suppliers - Now you know what to sell, and have found people to sell to, you need to find a reliable supplier who can provide you with the right products, at prices that mean you make a healthy profit. This step may involve a little work. If it were easy to find a supply of goods at a price that would be profitable for the market you just uncovered, you would probably already have too much competition. You will need to search out the best wholesale supplier, (Make sure they are legitimate, research each and every one) accepting the fat that you may have to dig past the first few pages on Google. You will want to talk directly to the manufacturer, if they won't deal directly with you ask for their authorized list of whole sale distributors. The harder it is to find a supplier for your chosen market the better it will be for you, the market will probably be more profitable, and it's more likely you will be the "go-to" person in that niche.